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Lead an improvement project, and increase sustainable seafood worldwide

WWF develops improvement projects in global collaboration with farms, fisheries, governments, academics, industry, consultants, and non-governmental organizations. Improvement projects are designed to take a stepwise approach to sustainability in order to meet the rigorous and credible standards of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council.

A variety of stakeholders in the aquaculture or wild-caught fisheries sectors can implement and coordinate a comprehensive improvement project, and in the resources below WWF presents a set of guidelines and tools to simplify the approach to improving the sustainability of seafood.

We hope these resources will enable you to join the effort and contribute to the production of sustainable seafood through the development, implementation, or participation in a comprehensive and successful improvement project.


  • WWF FIP Handbook (pdf)

  • Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects (pdf)

  • MSC Handbook (pdf)

  • Fisheries in Transition Financial Toolkit (pdf)



  • Budget Template (xls)

  • Action Plan Template (doc)

  • Scoping Document Template (doc)

  • Activity Matrix Template (xls)