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Indian Shrimp

  • Species Name: Pacific white leg shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei)
  • Location/Region: Orissa, India
  • Volume: 20,000 tonnes (t)

© Nicolas Axelrod-RUOM / WWF-US

Indian Shrimp

AIP Goal: ASC Certification
Last Updated: April 2018

India is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing shrimp producing countries. In 2017, India accounted for 32% of America’s farmed shrimp imports, making it the number one source of farmed shrimp in the U.S.

WWF is working with Falcon Marine, one of India’s largest farmed shrimp producers, to help them reach their commitment to 100% ASC-certified shrimp production by 2020. Falcon Marine plans to reach its 2020 goal by entering all of its shrimp farms into aquaculture improvement projects with timebound plans to reach the ASC standard.

A shrimp farmer checks shrimps from a pond, Sriwichai shrimp farm, Lilet sub-district, Thailand

© Nicolas Axelrod-RUOM / WWF-US

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