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Getting the word out about your commitments and the successes that have resulted from your sustainability work can have significant effects. It gives you a chance to show your shareholders and customers where and how you are sourcing, demonstrating that you have strong oversight of your supply chain. It also reinforces that you care about the environment and the fishing and farming communities whose livelihoods sustainable fisheries and responsible farms can help protect for the long term. And it indicates to the wider industry that this isn’t just a trend—it’s the wave of the future, and your company is a part of that wave.

In 2016, growth in sales of certified seafood was 10x that of conventional seafood.

© WWF-Malaysia / Mazidi Abd Ghani


© Jürgen Freund / WWF

Report Progress, Prioritize Transparency

Publicly report on your sustainability commitments for your seafood products, encompassing both environmental and social goals. Be transparent about which standards qualify for commitments, the commitment, and how commitment progress will be verified. Report all this annually to credibly communicate progress. Always be fully open when reporting on your progress, covering both successes and areas that still need adjustment or improvement. When you publicly acknowledge accountability, it can substantially influence and improve the performance of all actors across the supply chain. Report year over year progress towards reaching commitment goals.

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Educate Your Internal and External Stakeholders

Communicating through your company’s website, social media, newsletter, and blog is great. But don’t stop there. Find and use other communications platforms that will allow you to reach industry players, investors, consumers, and NGO partners along with their members. And remember to use creative in-store and digital marketing to promote your efforts and the benefits of more sustainable, responsible sourcing.

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