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About Our Team

WWF is a leader in seafood sustainability with over two decades of private sector engagement. WWF works with seafood industry stakeholders along global supply chains to leverage eco-certification programs, improvement projects, and multi-stakeholder platforms in the transition toward sustainable, responsible, and traceable seafood.


Caroline Tippett

Senior Director, Seafood Markets

Nick Przyuski

Manager, Seafood Supply Chains

Michael Griff

Manager, Seafood Markets

Mark Richardson

Senior Program Officer, Seafood Markets

Liz Watt

Program Officer, Seafood Markets

Laurent Viguie

European Lead, Seafood Markets

Brian Chou 

Program Officer, Seafood Supply Chains


Michele Kuruc

Vice President, Ocean Policy

Bill Fox

Vice President, Fisheries Conservation

Stephanie Bradley

Director, Fisheries in Transition

Alison Cross

Director, Fishery Sustainability

Geoffrey Muldoon

Asia-Pacific Lead, Fisheries in Transition and Markets

Wendy Goyert

Lead Specialist, Latin American Fisheries in Transition

Michael Osmond

Senior Program Officer, Fisheries


Aaron McNevin

Global Network Lead, Aquaculture

Merrielle Macleod

Manager, Aquaculture

Blake Harris

Manager, Aquaculture

Paul Dobbins

Lead Specialist, Seaweed and Bi-valves

Madeline Craig

Program Associate, Aquaculture

Susanna Brian

Program Manager, International Projects


David Schorr

Senior Manager, Transparent Seas

Neil Aeschliman

Senior Program Officer, Seafood Traceability


Lucy Holmes

Senior Program Manager, Seafood Finance


Michael Crispino

Communications Director, Oceans

Sarah Zaaimi

Program Officer, Seafood Markets Outreach

Melissa Aronson

Program Officer, Seafood Markets

Taylor Moran

Program Associate, Oceans