Picture a fishing community rich with coastal mangrove forests and highly productive waters that has sustained fishing for generations. Aware of the need to maintain healthy fish stocks, the community has adopted better fishing practices like using more selective fishing gear, implementing closure periods, and establishing no-take areas near reefs and in mangrove forests, all of which have helped to sustain their livelihoods and a thriving ecosystem.

But demand for seafood continues to grow. The surrounding community puts increased pressure on the same fish stock, begins developing irresponsible aquaculture operations in mangrove forests, and occurrences of inequitable labor practices have increased. Biodiversity is in decline, climate change is shifting fish stocks out of reach, and the need for improved social equity in the seafood sector is coming to light. These pressures threaten the livelihood, opportunity, and well-being of local communities and seafood companies, and the national government is under scrutiny for a lack of action to address issues.

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