As you may have noticed we recently made improvements the website. The redesigned site improves navigation helping visitors keep up to date on important issues in the industry. The site features information on progress being made on WWF led Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPS) and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPS). The website also includes a new Industry section where information can be found on certification standards, fisheries and farms in transition, and traceability. We hope you find the news blog interesting as we continue to cover key seafood sustainability topics and provide opportunities for you to get involved.

Another important addition is the SUPPORT A FIP button. It can be found next to the search bar and allows industry members to sign up to support a FIP. A series of online forms with three simple steps make it easier than ever to sign up to participate in a FIP and understand what it takes to be a FIP Participant.

The system is also automated so that those who sign up to be FIP Participants will receive email reminders and notices for upcoming events. Those FIP Participants that sign up are also added to our new industry section that showcase other change makers that are committed to helping conserve marine ecosystems and protecting the livelihoods of the millions of people who depend on them.

Join the league of change makers and get involved by clicking on the SUPPORT A FIP button today!


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